Friday, January 23, 2009

OH my bad

Bloggy Reunion ! I suck, and I am completely aware of this. I have been so busy and running around like a crazy woman, planning surprise parties and random day trips for the hell of it, and of course packing for my return to college life ! New Room = AMAZING !!!!
Happiness Again and I'm sure this is a mutual feeling with our X-Roomies....bad situation. Anyway My break was fantastic and full of good things and of course lots f things to talk about:) God, I've been waiting so long to get back to the world of Blogging ! I've missed you all dearly. First week, well I guess half of a week is finally over ! Phew ! And the weekend is here, I have quite the load this semester-- a little bit crazy I must say ! UGH ! One word Statistics and it equals DEATH ! Anyway the rest look ok, time consuming as usual but ok... Oh the joys of being an Art major ! HEhe, I'm just kidding its my life :)
Speaking of life, my novel is coming along quite wonderfully, if your a new reader, and have no idea what I am talking about haha, Im not crazy, I am actually writing a novel. Actually I guess that is a little crazy. College, Work, Projects out the Wahzoo !, small independent business and writing a novel ! All while dealing with being a human and discovering new things and joys in life. Of course that comes along with lots of emotions ! So yes I'm very busy ! I apologize, but I am not yours again, I promise to be a faithful blogger again. (Pinky)
And I will soon give you an excerpt for my book :) Im so excited :)

On a different note, AHHHHHHH my shows have returned ! One Tree Hill, Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Bachelor, and True Beauty-Im slowly falling in love with it :)

But One Tree Hill I have already expressed my obsession, I'm just in love with that show :) Everything about it is fantastic to me. And I can relate with it ! SO recap- Peyton is pregnant- YES ! And I cried when Lucas came home the first time- it was the most touching sentimental moment on the show yet- well thats a lie- there's always adorable things in that show that make me want what Haley and Peyton have ! :) For the most part I do but the things Lucas says, come on ! What girl wouldn't fall ?
And Mia and Chase - LOVE THEM ! Hmm lets see- Brooke kicked major ASS ! Finally that scumbag has been put away-- and I'm starting to see the mother daughter bond in her and Sam that I have been waiting for :) And Julian ad Brooke-- Love the couch scene ! :)

But the Bachelor this season-- How cute is he ! ?
OMG and Ty, hes the cutest ! What an amazing man- you can't help but fall in love with him -- I cry probably twice an episode-- Really his love for his son is absolutely amazing ! I mean incredible- that is the nicest thing to see, thats the dad that everyone wants ! Ahhhh, I think I'm falling for him haha.
My prediction thus far have been on target ! Hate Erica, such a drama queen. I'm not a fan of Megan but their little tiff was totally all on Erica not on Megan and I think just about anyone can see that- Lauren needs to go next week, squealer, granted Jason asked but your not there for the girls or to be involved in their drama, your their for him. So when Megan said she never talked about any of the girls, it was all about the two of them in their convo's I totally rocked with that ! So true !
I'm glad Raquel left- didn't like her at all !
Love love love Melissa- lots!!!!!!
Jillian- so cute- loved their first date- love them
OMG adn Stephanie-- I've been on her board since the start ! I love her-- and their date ! OMG ! that was the sweetest thing ever ! :) Cried ! Of course
Hmmm and Shannon- I'm on the fence- shes a little bit of a crazy person

But all in all-- this season has been incredible and its just starting ! Yay !
However I am not looking forward to the Bitch coming back- Ugh Deanna !
Anyway I'll be in touch

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