Friday, January 30, 2009

25, ok 44 Completely Random Things About Me :)

I want Everyone to do this if you read it and then pick 3 people
at random off of your blogroll and tag them-
its always fun to learn more about ppl,
and its even more fun to talk about yourself- haha
HAVE FUN :) Oh yes, Happy Friday!!! <3 Meg <3

1. I am obsessed with the color Pink- especially Pink Polka Dots ! :)
2. I love Country Music <3

3. I am probably the jumpiest/most paranoid person you will ever come across haha

4. I laugh way to much, wait is there such a thing ?? :)

5. I use the Dryer Sheet trick Every Morning :)
6. I collect shot glasses- cause really have you ever been ANYWHERE were you CANT find one- haha- best sovenior EVER !
6. I'm slightly Facebook obsessed
7. I am mildly obsessed with Post IT's haha- Ok nevermind completely

8. Ethics and Philosophy Completely fascinate me :)

9. Music is my drug
10. I love to Bake :) <3

11. I often find that when I am talking to someone I begin to speak and realize that I completely lied, or when they are talking I agree completely which is also a lie- however I always state that I just lied ahahah- Im not the only one that does this however haha

12. One Tree Hill is my Cure for Everything !
13. I find Johnny Reznik to be incredibly sexy !
14. Alessandra Ambrosio is the sexiest woman alive !

15. Victoria's Secret is an absolute must !

16. I want to have 3 kids, someday :)

17. Balenciaga Bags = <3

18. Bestsey Johnson Obsessed ! :)

19. Nicholas Sparks <3 !!!!! Everything !
20. I'm OCD when It comes to being organized and prepared.
21. Rock You Senseless is my feel good song !!!!!!

22. Choco -la-la-tinis <3>
23. Making Picture frames is a huge hobby

24. Im passionate about everything in life :)

25. My smile is my favorite thing (I'm never without it.)
26. Kiss Me Thru the Phone- all is said.
27. Hmmm Weird- favorite statement
28. Flower Pot Pens are the coolest (craft project list coming soon)

29. I LOVE sleepovers
30. Sushi :) <3
31. I believe in trying EVERYTHING once
32. My Friends come before EVERYTHING
33. I can be selfish, ONLY CHILD SYNDROME
34. MY best friend is my twin (3 years seperated)
35. My niece is a Peek-a-Poo <3
36. Lingerie <3
37. Green Tea <3 OMG !!!
38. I love food- a little too much Im afraid
39. Ben and Jerry's <3 Emmm
40. Chrome and Black Nail Polish
41. I ALWAYS smell good !
42. Believe ! :) <3 In everything :)
43. Pictures :)
44. I talk to much

hahaha I won't continue haha-
now you try, list as man things as you'd like at least 25 :)
XOXOXO BelieveInMe<3g

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Good Gals Inc said...

Great post!!! I might have to top you for the most paranoid person!!! And what is the Dryer Sheet trick?? I have to know what that is!