Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anniversary Present <3

So I was planning a huge party for my Parents Silver Anniversary....25th.
And I was completely prepared with all the plans until I found out that the sorry to say Loser of the family was moving home to live with my grandma....hence it was completely impossible to not invite her to the party. Now when I say Loser, I mean it in every sense of the word, anything that you can do to completely F*** up your life before the age of 17 has been done by this girl !
Safe to say....shes not liked much by my completely overprotective judgemental, too Perfect for words Mother...there is no way in hell my mom would let this girl step foot in my house, her eyes glaze over when someone mentions her name.....

Anyway so with words that she was coming back to NY, I panicked. Because how do I avoid inviting a family member that is living with my grandma and shes entirely too stupid to understand that no one likes her. (harsh) Oh well. Simply putting just my grandparents name on the invite they would drag her the way Julie**** (name changed for the protection of my safety, lol.) is now 22 with one kid that she treats like shit and pregnant with another......Cool. Sooooo glad that these poor children are doomed for the rest of their lives. She doesnt want them, yet continues to get knocked up ! Wow !
News Flash: Keep your legs Shut or Maybe get some help.
Now Julie*** is not completely stable, I mean she has mental issues but does anyone want to get her help, Of course not !


OMG. So back to my Parents.
I cancelled the party, even the idea of a party and made them a super cute basket instead :D
My parents LOVE new foods I mean like Loooove them. and we have the most killer vegetable garden I have ever seen !
Soooo I went to the ever popular Harry and David to hunt down some dips and spreads for bagettes and cooking

So here's what I got:
Fresh bagettes
Fresh Veggies and Spices
Red Pepper and Cheese Dip
Charred Pineapple Dip (excellent mixed with cream cheese)
Pepper and Onion relish with Zinfandel
Ancho Chili with pepper dip (great baked on pork chops)
And a few other deliscious grilling sauces and dips :)

I ended up getting a shit ton of stuff filling a super cute basket that can later be used to bring in veggies from the garden :D
I also filled the basket with a Homemade simple salsa recipe and allll the ingredients freah veggies and spices to complete the recipes :)

Cute idea Huh ??? I totally thought so !
Well my mom like fell over she was so excited ! Which made it all so much better.
And of course Prince Charming said, You never fail to amaze me ! :)

Take a look at the Amazing Fresh and Simple Salsa.....absolutely delish on chips and grilled onto chicken, chops even steaks, we also added some into a baked dish that we made :)

Fabulous !!!!

XOXO Meghan

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