Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Will Power

One of my best friends has an issue with, well what else...... a boy ! Go figure......anyway her will power to let this boy who happens to be named Will go is completely non-existent.... she is hung up on him and the fact that she has shared alot with him over the years but she wants to move on completely yet can't seem to let him out of her life for good.....

Myself as well as many others spend time trying to convince her that she is a wonderful person that deserves the world.....
not the lies, deception,pain, heartbreak and tears that Will puts her through.....she realizes that she has many options she just can't seem to find one boy in particular to keep her attention or for that matter capture it-----on a whole.
She is a goddess with a heart of gold but when it comes to Will she lets him hold the decisions and control of the realtionship.....which by the way doesn't exsist because they have never really been dating.

I wish she could see that there is so much more out there and actually let someone else close enough to her to get to really know them.....she knows she deserves better---much better-----she just can't let go and he doesn't make it easy either.
Luck just may be on her a new Freshman class joined the college and tons of new faces can be found----many of them boys :)
Fingers Crossed----maybe one will sweep her away in an instant :)
Until tomorrow

"Wounds heal faster if you don't risk Constantly opening them..."


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